Take a look at these links and review irregular verbs in English:

AudioVisual Revision material from Youtube:

Form Revision:

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For extra reference:

A bit more difficult (for Bachillerato):


Here you have some photocopies about the use of articles with additional grammar explanations.

Remember to read the left page (grammar description) before doing the exercises.


Here you have some exercises taken from the English Grammar in Use by Murphy (doc)


The roof of Jill's house was damaged in a storm, so she arranged for somebody to repair it. Yesterday a workman came and did the job.

Jill had the roof repaired yesterday.

This means: Jill arranged for somebody else to repair the roof. She didn't repair it herself.


And some more additional practice ONLINE:

Online Booking

In order to learn about Hotel rooms and facilities you will book a room at
  1. Choose a city in a foreign country, for example Milan.
  2. Enter the dates and information: four days , three nights, two adults
  3. Choose a four-star Hotel and above.
  4. Notice the Hotel facilities and services by clicking on the Hotel name.
Do the same with two other Hotels and write down the name of facilities that are new for you.


Here you have some pages to practice saying numbers and figures:


  1. - Travel Vocabulary (by Elena de Prada, U. de Vigo)
  2. Test your Geography Knowledge


This is a simple grammar chart for you to review the main grammar points in English.


  1. Here you have the scanned book "Practical Phonetics Exercises" by Burlington. Remember that you should work on pages 4-10 for the Phonetics Exam.
  2. This a web page to practice the pronunciation of countries.
  3. Practice for Spanish speakers
  4. Listening Activities online


- Worksheet 1
- Worksheet 2

Grammar chart


Here is a Grammar chart for you to review some basic tenses and grammar points:


European Union

When you apply for a job, it is usual to include a curriculum vitae, orCV (called résumé in the US). This is a list of your personal details, educational history, qualifications, experience, and interests—that is to say, the story of your life from a professional point of view.Europass is a new way of helping people to make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe (European Union, EFTA/EEA and candidate countries) and move anywhere in Europe.

There are many different models of CVs but you should definitely start using the Europass Curriculum Vitae. Have a look at differentmodels of Europass CVs and then write your own Europass CV online.

Class materials:

When students hear words like CV and covering letter they usually ask me the same question: what should I include in my CV? and what is a covering letter? It is important students understand that their CV and the covering letter that goes with it should be carefully written and they have to take their time to write down the information they want to include in both documents. It is not something to be done in a rush. CVs and covering letters have their own structure. Frequently students skip important parts or they don´t highlight some of their experience required for a certain job well enough, which could result in not being selected for the job they have applied for. In a labour market like the tourism industry, in which there are a lot of jobs but also a lot of people competing for one, you have to remember CVs are the entrance door to the labour market, so getting a job could depend on how successfully your CV manages to present your experience and your personal qualities for that job.
So as not to go wrong here are some tips about writing a CV and a covering letter. As usual any comments are more than welcome.


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